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Form Fields

These are the fields and UI elements that are shown in this form, along with a describing text and explanation about their usage in the application.

Calculate 𝄚

Click on the Calculate button when you have the batch ready to be calculated by the server. Each click makes an API call to the server. This means that the batch information is sent to the server, calculated there (hence modified) and the results returned back and shown to you. Every calculation increments your license API calls counter.


Total mass of fluid inside the batch.

Service inlet temperature in the heat exchanger coupled to the batch.

Mass flow throught tubes of the heat exchanger. This is the batch fluid.

Service mass flow of the heat exchanger.

Mean specific heat of batch fluid.

Mean specific heat of service fluid.

Initial temperature of batch fluid.

Isothermal 🗹

When service fluid is condensing his temperature is constant. In that cases this option must be activated, shell specific heat and shell mass flow will be unnecessary.

Final temperature desaired for batch fluid.

Total heat transfer area of heat exchangers coupled to batch.

Global heat transfer coefficient of heat exchangers system.

Total mass of empty batch system. It is supposed that whole batch start at the temperature of fluid and some energy will be wasted in increse its temperature. Usually batch tank is made of steel and it is almost negligible.

Specific heat of batch walls material.

Time 🇦

Time needed to reach final batch temperature with introduced conditions.

Batch Temperatures

This graph shows temperatures during batch process. Tubes inlet tempererature is equal to batch temperature. It is supposed that batch fluid is recirculating all the time throught heat exchangers tubes.