Advanced Heat Exchanger Design


A new software solution for the calculation of shell and tube heat exchangers featuring fluids and mixes editor, sensible heat / condensation calculations, single pass and multi pass units, with or w/o baffles and many more features.

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Advanced Heat Exchanger Design

The AHED program is a powerful design tool for the calculation of one of the most used items of process equipment: Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers (STHE’s). STHE’s are used in many process industries including Chemical, Oil & Gas, Wastewater, Food, Pharmaceutical & Automotive. The design of STHE’s is fundamental for a process installation to work to its optimum. Read more...

40 Years of Industry Experience

AHED was not born inside a University or Research Institute. AHED was developed by a group of heat transfer specialists with decades of experience in calculation, design and construction of industrial shell and tube heat exchangers. The AHED development team has successfully delivered heat transfer solutions in many industries and applications. Explore what AHED can offer for your industry.

Modern Cloud Based Solutions

AHED uses client-server architecture, quite new for this kind of engineering software. The program uses a combination of locally installed software (for Windows 10) and the cloud-based AHED server calculation engine. Through a secure Internet connection, the essential input parameters are sent from the user interface to the AHED calculation engine and the application get the results in the way back. Read more...

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Industries and User Types

AHED can be used for a wide variety of industries and by many different user types. Read more...

License Types

We offer various options: You can start with a trial license and explore AHED free of charge. Beyond the evaluation period, you can chose the license option that works for you. Read more...

Engineering Services

At AHED we provide more than just software. We offer a range of services to help you get the best heat exchanger design possible. Read more...