Engineering Services

Designing a shell and tube heat exchanger can be a complex task, in order to make correct design decisions, a good understanding of heat transfer and thermodynamics is highly recommended. If you struggle with these concepts we can help. We don't just offer support on thermal designs we also provide mechanical design solutions for heat exchangers, as well as AHED program training. 

AHED Thermal Design Check

100€ / design

  • Share your AHED design, we evaluate it

Non-AHED Thermal Design Check

200€ / design

  • Share a design created in another platform; we recreate it in AHED and evaluate it

Full Thermal Design

200€ / design

  • Send your application data; we will provide the optimal thermal design

AHED Mechanical Design

200€ / design

  • Share your AHED design and we provide the mechanical design

Non-AHED Mechanical Design

200€ / design

  • Provide complete thermal design information and we provide the mechanical design

AHED Program Training

Ask us / users / hours

  • Learn to use AHED with our qualified instructors in online training sessions