License Types and Prices

Trial / Educational Licenses

0€ / 28 days Trial

0€ / 1 year Educational

  • Try AHED free of charge (~ Gold License)
  • No waiting: Installed and running in 5 minutes
  • Use your institutional email to qualify for an Educational license

Bronze License


50€ / 3 months

90€ / 6 months

170€ / 1 year

  • Ideal for educational / academic purposes
  • Tube in Tube and Multitube designs
  • Sensible heat and condensation calculations

Silver License


200€ / 3 months

380€ / 6 months

740€ / 1 year

  • All Bronze features + adding:
  • Multipass designs
  • Batch calculations
  • Multiple heat exchanger design in one project

Gold License


300€ / 3 months

570€ / 6 months

1110€ / 1 year

  • For the industry professional. All Silver features + adding:
  • HRS© fluid database
  • Triple Tube designs
  • Desuperheating, subcooling and partial condensation processes
  • Preset option and basic sharing features
  • Vibration analysis, graphs module and reporting

Platinum License


375€ / 3 months

710€ / 6 months

1380€ / 1 year

  • For the heat exchanger expert. All Gold features + adding:
  • Full sharing features (user groups)
  • Help desk support

Engineering Services

  • AHED thermal design check
  • Non-AHED thermal design check
  • Full thermal design
  • AHED mechanical design
  • Non-AHED mechanical design
  • AHED training

Note: Each license is issued for a single user & machine.

How to Order?

Before paying for a subscription for using AHED software, please make sure that you have installed it, and worked with it using the evaluation/educational license that we initially provide free of charge. It doesn't matter that your evaluation license may have already expired. The important thing is that you have used our software and it suits your needs.

  • In the associated payment management platform (Stripe), use the same email address used for registering AHED initially. This email address will be used to link your subscription in the payment platform with your AHED license.
  • If the email address used during the checkout does not match any license registered for AHED, this automatic association will not be possible and we will have to review your case manually.
  • If you want a subscription for more than one license, the initial automatic activation will be only for one user: the one whose email matches the email provided during the checkout process. Contact us indicating the rest of the email addresses that must be associated with the same subscription.
  • In the event of any incident with payments/license activation, please contact us attaching proof of payment and a brief explanation of your case.

I already have an active subscription ¿How can I manage it?

If you are already a subscriber of our services, you can manage your subscription through the following link.