AHED Program Training

Learn from our instructors

Our program training is given online using video conferencing (Microsoft Teams or Others). The AHED instructor will take the participants through the program. Any part of the program that needs more attention can be focused on in more detail. Through video conferencing many participants can join at the same time from various locations.

Program Demo

This is intended as a short introduction of the program. The instructor will explain all major program features and an example calculation will be done. These sessions are limited to approximately 15-30 minutes.

Short Program Training

This training is intended for users with experience or understanding of the concepts of thermal design of heat exchangers. To work efficiently with AHED we recommend a background knowledge in heat transfer or thermal engineering. The training involves a thorough explanation of all the modules of the program. The correct use of the program is explained. Sample calculations will be done together to have some first practice with the program. All questions will be answered by our instructors. The normal duration of this training session is two hours.

Detailed Program Training

This training is intended for users with limited understanding of the concepts of thermal engineering and heat exchanger design or for users that need to refresh their knowledge on these topics. The first part of the course is bringing the participant up to speed with the thermal know-how. The second part of the course is completing the Short Program training. The normal duration of the Long Program training is four hours. It can be planned in two sessions if required with knowledge update and program explanation sessions.

Multi Language

Our training sessions are available in two languages: English and Spanish.

How to submit your request for AHED Program Training?

Send an email to info@hrs-ahed.com and state your request: Program Demo, Short Program Training or Detailed Program Training and the intended date/time for training. Indicate how many participants there will be and identify yourself with the email address used to register your AHED license. One of our instructors will get in touch with you to plan the training.


Our training fee is charged per hour. After submitting your request a formal offer will be sent to you.