Modern Cloud Based Solutions

Your calculation engine on the Cloud.

AHED is not just an isolated application; it is a client-server application. Meaning it cannot be run standalone or offline: you need an Internet connection to be able to use it. Some years ago, that might have been a problem. Nowadays, not having Internet access is more of a problem itself than not being able to use the program.

Client-Server API diagram

In this picture we the layers of interactivity:

  • The client side of this infrastructure is a Windows 10 application. It automatically checks for updates on every start, ensuring you always run the latest version. Whenever an update is detected, it is automatically applied the next time you close the program (it cannot update while running).
  • The front-end servers handle the client's requests through a custom API, giving you access to the latest calculation engine or for instance the most updated database of fluids and compounds.
  • The back-end servers provide storage to your projects and the fluid databases.

With all these scenarios in place, the servers' side can be updated without the need to redistribute a new version of the application. Having the calculation engine and the storage on the Cloud allows you to perform certain operations that are not easy (or possible at all) for traditional standalone applications such as sharing projects with colleagues that might not even be on the same network, department or country as you.

We have been actively developing this application since 2016 and we have been using it in-house with great success since 2018. In 2020 it was ready for the public to use.