New license types added

New license types added

In the 28/06/2021 release of AHED we have added a new license:

Educational license.

AHED is now offering an educational license for academic purposes: it can be used free of charge during one year for any student or professor of any university. All you have to do is go to our download page and install AHED, using your university email address. We will check your email address for a match with the international database of University URL's and the program install will complete automatically. After completing a year's trial, your license ends automatically. Should your email not be recognised, just contact us via using your university email address with the details of your university's web page.

The AHED Educational License will give students the possibility to test their heat transfer and heat exchanger design skills with industrially proven software. At the same type, we hope that it will provide a useful tool for any professor that teaches heat exchanger design / heat transfer.

Trial license.

The standard trial license period has been extended to 28 days to give first time user more time to discover the benefits of AHED.

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