Advanced Heat Exchanger Design

The AHED program is a powerful design tool for the calculation of one of the most used items of process equipment: shell and tube and heat exchangers (STHE’s). STHE’s are used in widespread process industries including Chemical, Oil & Gas, Wastewater, Food, Pharmaceutical & Automotive. The design of STHE’s is fundamental for a process installation to work to its optimum. It is vital that heat exchangers meet the desired duty within the available space and economical constraints (capex and opex).

Traditionally designing the correct STHE has meant the need for investment in costly software solutions, which are not available to everybody. AHED was designed to overcome this without compromising the calculation precision needed for modern industry.

The Science Behind HRS-AHED

To ensure the best calculation results, our engineers have conducted a thorough search through scientific literature to make sure the best methods for calculation in heat transfer engineering are included in our software. This literature scanning is an ongoing task. We are always looking for new developments in fields such as:

  • Calculation of heat transfer coefficients in laminar, transition and turbulent flow regime,
  • Effects of free vs forced convection.
  • Advances in calculation of physical properties for mixes of pure components.
  • Calculation of newtonian vs non newtonian fluids (of interest especially for the food and environmental industry).
  • Pressure drop correlations.
  • Vibration calculation.
  • Heat transfer calculation with baffles.
  • etc

Industry Verification

AHED was created within a heat exchanger company: HRS Heat Exchanger. AHED is the result of more than 20 years of software development within the HRS group. Not only does AHED benefit from trustworthy sources of scientific literature: It is a software package that is used by HRS thermal engineers in various global HRS facilities. We proudly state that a large number of industrial heat exchangers (performing to design duty) have been designed by our professionals using the AHED software. The software was only released to the market after testing in real industry practice.

We do more than just offer Software Solutions

Delivering a good thermal design for a shell and tube heat exchanger is a complex task. It is not enough just to have a state-of-the-art software package. Design choices will have to made that require academic thermal engineering knowledge. For really complex designs, industry experience is of course highly beneficial. For any AHED user that struggles with these concepts, we offer a helping hand. Our engineers have many years of experience and the skills needed for successful delivery of shell and tube heat exchangers:

  • Thermal Design.
  • Mechanical Design (various international codes).
  • 3D Design.
  • Material Knowledge.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Installation and Commissioning.
  • Troubleshooting

See our services page for details on how we can assist you in achieving the best results.

Interested and want to know more? Check some of the features of AHED and if it applies to your industry.