New Feature: The Tube Assistant

New Feature: The Tube Assistant

On Thursday 21st of January 2021 an AHED update was released. This release contains a new feature to help you define heat exchanger geometry more efficiently: The Tube Assistant.

Access the Tube Assistant by clicking on the "wand" symbol in the geometry section:

How to open the Tube Assitant

Clicking on the wand opens the following window:

Tube Assistant Window

This window shows four tables:

  • HEX: A table of the most common tube dimensions used for heat exchanger inner tubes.
  • ISO: ISO Standard tube dimensions.
  • Millimetric: Millimetric tube dimensions.
  • ANSI: ANSI standard tube dimensions.

Fields in the table correspond to a specific tube outer diameter and wall thickness. Select the field and allocate the dimensions to the shell, inner tube, or nozzle. Simply click on the orange buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The Tube Assistant gives you quick access to common, internationally used tube dimensions (no need to look them up) helping you to quickly define your heat exchanger geometry.

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