New feature: heating/cooling during batch filling

New feature: heating/cooling during batch filling

18th February 2021 AHED released an update. This release includes a new extra feature in the batch calculation module. Traditionally, this module allowed you to calculate the time required for a batch to heat or cool to a certain temperature, but only starting the heating or cooling process after the tank is completely filled. But what if the heating or cooling process starts during the filling sequence? This means that the heat transfer process can start earlier and valuable processing time can be saved.

To evaluate this possibility simply mark the check box "Include filling" and enter values for these parameters:

  • Filling flow: the flowrate at which the tank is filled.
  • Recirculation start level: the tank level in % at which the pump that feeds the batch heat exchanger starts to pump.

AHED issues a warning when the batch temperature is reached before the tank is completely filled (overheating or overcooling) and will not return a valid result. You will have to adjust the input parameters to avoid this from happening (reduce heat transfer area or heat transfer coefficient for example).

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