Non-AHED Mechanical Design

What do we offer?

The correct design of a heat exchanger involves two important engineering steps:

  1. Thermal design, what AHED is designed for.
  2. Mechanical design: based on the thermal design and design pressure and temperature, mechanical design calculations are needed to verify thickness of the various components in the heat exchanger: shell, inner tubes, tube plates, bonnets, expansion bellows, nozzles, end caps, division plates etc.

Our engineers can handle the mechanical design for you. We can do this under the following codes:

  • EN 13445: the European harmonized design code for unfired pressure vessels.
  • PD 5500: also known as BS 5500, the former British standard.
  • ASME VIII: the American standard.

How do we report our results?

You will receive two files:

  • A summary of all major dimensions (external diameter, wall thickness, length etc) of all elements that compose the heat exchanger.
  • A full export file with all mechanical design details.

How to submit your non-AHED mechanical design request?

Send an email to to which you attach this Heat Exchanger Definition Sheet for Mechanical Design. Please fill in all the fields to make sure we have all information concerning the application and heat exchanger geometry and materials. In the email clearly state your name, organisation and telephone number where we can reach you. In the email subject field, write "Non-AHED Mechanical Design Request".


Please see our pricing here. Upon request we will email payment method information.