Full Thermal Design Request

Heat exchanger thermal design made easy.

At AHED we can provide heat exchanger for thermal design for anybody who needs help with this process. It is important to understand that a thermal design is as good as the quality of its input parameters. So to help you in the best way possible, we will need detailed information concerning:

  • Good description of the application: what fluids, what type of industry.
  • Clear definition of the shell and tube side fluid: composition and flow rate. Normally the product will flow on tube side and service fluid will go on shell side.
  • Indication of the maximum allowable pressure drops for shell and tube side fluids.
  • Detailed definition of the fluid physical properties on shell and tube side, at inlet and outlet temperature.
  • Definition of the preferred construction materials.
  • Indication of the preferred way of installation: horizontal or vertical mounting.
  • Indications about constraints for installation: Maximum width, length or height.

How to submit your Full Thermal Design request?

Send an email to info@hrs-ahed.com to which you attach this Application Definition Sheet. Please fill in all the yellow fields ensuring we have all information for the application and heat exchanger geometry and materials. In the email clearly state your name, organisation and telephone number where we can reach you. In the email subject field, write "Full Thermal Design Request".


Please see our pricing here. Upon request we will email payment method information.