AHED Thermal Design Check

What do we check for?

We verify the following:

  • Review of the physical properties of the shell and tube side fluids.
  • Review of the heat and mass balance calculation.
  • Review of heat exchanger geometry definition.
  • Review of thermal design.
  • Review of vibration risk.

How do we report our results?

You will receive a report where all checks listed above are marked and confirmed. Comments will be made on each item where improvements can be made. The overall designs will be commented, and improvements will be explained. Should there be room for improvement, we will share a design with you that we think would better fit the requirements. This can be followed up by a call in case any further clarification is needed.

How to submit your AHED Thermal Design Check request?

  • In the program, go to Help > Report problem. In the description box write "AHED Thermal Design Request". Make sure the check box titled "Allow us to check the current project" is marked. That way we receive an electronic copy of your project. In case your project contains several calculations, please identify in the description box which calculation needs to be checked. Next click Send.
  • Alternatively, you can also send an email to info@hrs-ahed.com to which you must attach the full AHED thermal design output file (Excel format). To obtain this file, in the program go to Reports and click Full Report. Clearly state your name, organisation and telephone number where we can reach you. In the email subject field, write "AHED Thermal Design Request".


Please see our pricing here. Upon request we will email payment method information.