Release Notes


  • General:
    • Fix for a NullReferenceException triggered after loading a project in some particular cases.
    • Fix for a System.IO.IOException when saving the application settings that occurred when several running instances were closed simmultaneously and every instance tried to write to the same configuration file (as a result of a shutdown/logoff for example).
    • Enhanced license selection procedure that comes into play when a user has several valid licenses and the server needs to select which one return to the user. From now on, the one with longest due date is returned. Previosly, this method was non-deterministic and, as a result, some users were experiencing issues with their licenses.
  • Fluids:
    • Fix for a NullReferenceException that occurred under specific circumstances in the data grid editor.
  • Heat Balance:
    • Swapping fluids now fixes the right free parameter when the fluid being used in the shell goes throgh a condensation process.
  • Reports:
    • When the working directory for the application was set to an unavailable network share, generating any report resulted in an error since there was nowhere for the file to be saved. Now the target directory is checked to exist (the user must have write access to it too). If unavailable when saving the file, the application switches to the users %TEMP% directory and warns about the issue.
    • The criteria for a fluid data to be exportable have changed. Previously, the fluids were required to have their name set in order to be exportable, despite the name not being required to perform any calculation with them. This resulted in some inconsistences in the user experience with the application since every tab might be shown as correct (green ticked) and yet however, the physical properties of the fluid were not exportable. This issue has been fixed.
  • Options:
  • And as usual... minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2020-12-09
Created: 2020-12-04
Last Modified: 2020-12-04