Release Notes


  • November 2020 will see the release of AHED as commercial product. Accepting licence terms & conditions will be a necessary step when launching the program. This current release will serve as the template for the commercial product so license terms & conditions appear for the first time here.
  • A new dataset of construction materials has been added and the foundation needed to make this list grow.
  • Automatic defintion of tube plate thickness (in case this value is not explicitly provided).
  • Minor adjustments in the baffle calculation procedure.
  • And as usual... minor bug fixes and improvements.

Known Issues

  • You might see the following error message in the log: Error checking Package availability status: System.Exception: Datos no válidos. (0x8007000D)
  • You might also see a whole black application as this one:

In any of those two cases, you will need to uninstall the application, do a reboot, and then reinstall it again.

Released: 2020-10-27
Created: 2020-10-16
Last Modified: 2020-10-28