Release Notes


  • General:
    • Improvements in the Installation Fingerprint calculation. Now the algorithm is faster and more deterministic. In previous versions, adding external devices (such as removable drives) could lead to a fingerprint which was different from the original (wrong).
    • Sample resources had been added for public access, so that everyone could have something to test things out from the very begining. There is a sample project called "Sample Project 1", created under the year 2020. There is also a sample geometry called "S&T 37 219/25 6.1 CS/CS S" and the fluid "Water (IAPWS-IF97)".
  • Fluids:
    • Fix in the Fluid editor so that it is now possible to manually define fluids in saturation, i.e. fluids that can be used in condensation processes.
    • DIPPR© database updated to May 2020 public release, with 16 new and 9 updated chemicals, now making a total of 2026 chemicals.
  • Geometry:
    • New Feature: A Tubes Assistant which helps in the selection of tubes and nozzle sizes commonly used in Heat Exchangers and for different standards such as ISO, Millimetric and ANSI.
    • Tubes Assistant (ISO)
  • Reports:
    • Exporting the Fluid's properties now includes the Pressure too.
  • And as usual... minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2021-01-21
Created: 2021-01-21
Last Modified: 2021-01-21