Release Notes


  • Fluids/Mixes:
    • Changes in the error messages that are related to fluids so that now they include the name of the fluid within the text message. This way the message is more informative and it is easier to see if the problem has occurred in the tube-side fluid or in the shell-side's.
  • Heat Balance:
    • Fix in the shell outlet enthalpy for Condensation processes when these condensations were not happening fully (vapour fraction > 0 at the outlet). When calculating the cross temperatures an error was shown because it was assumed that the tubes were being heated as if a whole complete condensation of the shell-flow had occurred, but it was not the case.
    • Fix to detect the case when condensation processes are attempted with insufficiently defined fluids, in particular if they do not include Latent heat (dH) data.
    • Now the application can detect the error that happens when the user attempts to calculate the Shell outlet temperature as Free parameter in a Process incorrectly defined as Sensible Heat that turns out to be an Evaporation scenario.
  • Geometry:
    • More checks are now performed to prevent the calculation of 'absurd' geometries that might be constructively impossible. In particular, is is checked that the lengths of the nozzles had some minimum lengths, or that they have a thickness that suits the flange they are welded to.
    • Now the Volume / Module in the Shell side is more accurate. Since we now calculate the volume of the Steinmetz Solid contained within the intersection of the shell and each of the nozzles, the volume within the curved spaces next to these intersecions can be calculated too. The volume of these curved spaces was not considered in previous versions. See also the article Common Volume of Two Intersecting Cylinders.
    • More sizes for flanges EN-1092-1 Type 1 PN-16. Now they are defined up to DN2000 with an external diameter of 2345mm.
  • And as usual... minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2021-11-09
Created: 2021-11-09
Last Modified: 2021-11-09