Release Notes


  • General:
    • The application now appears at the correct scale according to Windows' Display settings (DPI). Previously these settings were not taken into account and the results were mainly noticeable in 2K and 4K monitors, in which the size of text, apps and other items take a value which is different from the default 100% (recommended). For instance, when using a 4K display (38040 x 2160) the default value is 150%. The application now use these settings and is scaled properly to the right size.
  • Fluids/Mixes:
    • The mixtures of some components are now more accurate since we are using activity coefficients calculated with the NRTL model (Non-Random Two-Liquid) which improves the behaviour of the VLE (Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium) calculation with polar compounds.
  • Geometry:
    • The application now uses PN16 EN 1091-1 2007 flanges for the graphical representation of the heat exchanger. They can be seen in the side-view in the Baffles tab (despite baffles might not be used). The size of this flange in the interconnections has effects in the minimum distance to which the interconnection can be placed and also in the Inlet and Outlet Baffle Spacings (Lbi & Lbo), when baffles are used. Hence, despite this change is initially only cosmetic, it might also have effects in the heat transfer calculations. Please take this into account when recalculating projects saved with previous versions, because the results might vary. It is also advisable to revise the calculations once you know exactly the kind of flanges you will be using in your heat exchanger, in order to set Lbi and Lbo manually to ther real values and check that the new final calculation is still acceptable.
    • The maximum size of interconnections for the shell is verified not to exceed the diameter of the actual shell.
    • Fix in the formula for calculating the volume of the shell per module so that it takes into account the volume inside the shell's interconnections.
  • Graphs:
    • Legends in the graphs are not overloaded with information when then number of modules is high. In previous versions vertical lines and legends were shown for every module. When the number of modules was high enough, it was impossible to read any of the legends because they were all overlapping each other.
    • More information is now shown in the summary zone. In particular the Number of modules per block and the Number of blocks.
  • And as usual... minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2021-10-06
Created: 2021-10-04
Last Modified: 2021-10-04