Release Notes


  • Project:
    • Fix in the responsive behaviour of this view. Some fields were not properly reorganised or disappeared when the size of the window was changed.
  • Fluids/Mixes:
    • Fix for an exception that was thrown when trying to do a shell-side-condensation heat balance with a fluid (mix) for which, at its minimum defined temperature, it was not yet fully liquid. When the free parameter is set to the shell outlet temperature and this calculated temperature was below the minimum defined temperature, now an error is returned informing about the imposibility to extrapolate the fluid's behaviour in that given scenario: the fluid might have condensed completely (or not).
  • Geometry and Baffles:
    • A new checkbox is added in order to toggle between views with numeric dimensions or legends in 2D drawings (Excel exports are always done with dimensions).
  • Reports:
    • When exporting the Baffles information to Excel, the fields relative to double segmental baffles cases (Bc1 and Bc2) were not printed in the output. This issue has been fixed.
    • Higher resolution in the drawings being exported to Excel. Besides, these drawings are shown with dimensions in the desired system of units.
  • And as usual... minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2022-01-25
Created: 2022-01-25
Last Modified: 2022-01-25