Release Notes

Version Build 2.1.7271.28289.

  • Warning
    • This will be one of the latest updates of the program under the current name. For months we have been working on a new version of the application, with a new registered commercial name and that will run from its own new domain name.
    • When the time comes, the application and its calculation servers will stop running. Users that want to keep using it will need to manually install the new program from its own new location (to be announced). This new program will be receiving updates and support, exactly as the old one, that could be safely uninstalled.
    • All your data and previous calculations will be migrated to the new version. The only step we require from you is to install the new program and register it with the same email address you used previously.
    • In the next (and last) update we will provide more details about the new name of the program, web address and exact date when the platform change and migration will be effective.
  • Heat Balance:
    • Added support for partial condensation calculations (multicomponent).
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2019-11-28
Created: 2020-01-07
Last Modified: 2020-05-11