Release Notes

Version Build 2.1.7058.26389.

  • Geometry:
    • The calculation of Baffles is not possible whenever an error happens in Geometry: The button 'Calculate' is disabled.
    • In some cases of incorrectly calculated geometries (or with errors), tubes where shown outside of the shell (results from previous valid calculations) or a drawing exceeding the expected limits was shown and it hided some of the editable and/or non-editable fields. Now only tubes that would fit inside the shell are drawn (even touching it). After all, this is a problem that only happens in invalid geometries.
    • In previous versions, the method for calculating multipass mechanised headers was not deterministic: Two calculations with the same input data could yield two different results. This subtle problem has been fixed. Once a solution is found (even though it might not be optimal), any subsequent call made by using the button 'Calculate' will produce the same result. When the calculations produce a sub-optimal solution, or if the user wants the program to search for an alternative different solution, it can be done using the new button 'Calculate Alt. Distribution'. It is important to remark that using this new button does not guarantee that a different solution is found. What is guaranteed is that, if there are no changes in the input data, using 'Calculate' button repeatedly will always produce the same results.
    • The fields that store length measurements now accept 0 as a valid value.
    • In some cases, the calculations of geometries with multipass mechanised headers with o'rings + housing entered an end-less loop. This error has been fixed.
    • When Baffles with such a small cut are used that it is not possible to calculate the Center tube angle (θctℓ), i.e. angle to the center of the outmost tube, a poor-self-explaining error message was shown. Now the error shows a more appropriate message.
    • The Parallel Lines Distribution Diagram (per block) is now a little more detailed: the inlet and outlet for both tubes and shell are textually declared, so as their temperatures. The shell nozzles are also schematised.
  • Overall Calculation:
    • The Overall Calculation is not possible whenever an error happens in Heat Balance, Geometry or Baffles: The button 'Calculate' is disabled.
    • The fields that store Fouling Factor now accept 0 as a valid value.
    • Vibrations: Fixes in the calculations of the Critical Velocity and Cross Flow Velocity for some extreme cases. For instance, whenever only a single Baffle is used, the calculations are made over the Central zone and the whole length of the tubes is considered as Span Length (without support), because some of the tubes in the Baffle window must be without support, from side to side of the heat exchanger.
    • New error message more appropriate and self-explaining when the user tries to calculate a condensing process with several lines in series. This kind of errors can only appear in the Overall Calculation, when Heat Balance and Geometry information are combined. Both can be valid, when standalone calculated, but they are not valid together.
    • Some errors that arose in the fouling area calculation for cases where the fluids were set up in manual mode are now fixed.
  • Batch:
    • A new field called Duty Limitation is added in order to be able to calculate batches when there is a limitation in the maximum power that the service (shell) can offer.
    • When the option to use an Isothermal Service Fluid (condensation in the shell) is selected, the specific heat of the shell is not required (it is not used in the calculations). This is shown in the interface switching the field read-only.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2019-04-29
Created: 2020-01-07
Last Modified: 2020-05-11