Release Notes

Version Build 2.1.7019.15175.

  • Heat Balance:
    • When Condensation processes are calculated, the inlet Vapour Fraction is always set to 1 and the outlet is set to 0. The fluid's physical properties in liquid phase are left empty (not calculated) when the vapour fraction is 1 (there's no liquid phase). In the same way, when there is no vapour fraction (it is 0) the gas-related properties are left blank (not calculated).
    • In Sensible Heat processes with gases, when the gas dynamic viscosity at the wall is calculated, the reached temperature sometimes fall out the known range of temperatures provided for the gas. The program usually extrapolates with the last known value (when higher temperatures are reached) or with the first known value (for temperatures below the first provided). However in the case of gases, it is not safe to extrapolate with the first known value at lower temperatures, because the condensation temperature is not known and below that all the properties would change drastically (the fluid would pass from being a gas to being a liquid). Similarly, in the case of a liquid, it is not safe either to extrapolate with the last known value at higher temperatures, because the fluid could become a gas. In these two cases (lower temperatures for gases, and higher temperatures for liquids), the program does not extrapolate beyond the known temperatures and the calculations end with an error. To fix this the range of known values for the fluid need to be widened. At least the vapour fraction must be provided for a wider range of temperatures. This way it is the user who confirms that the gas still behaves as a gas at lower temperatures (or the liquid is still liquid at higher temperatures).
  • Excel Reports:
    • TEMA Report: Fix in the TEMA sheet that was not showing data for fluids when they were in their gas phase.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements in the handling of the different systems of units.
Released: 2019-03-21
Created: 2020-01-07
Last Modified: 2020-05-11