Release Notes


  • Licensing:
    • New licensing schemes and trial periods: The regular Trial license is now valid up to 4 weeks (28 days) from the registering date. Besides, we are now offering Educational licenses, with the same features as the Trial licenses, but valid for 1 year. The only condition to be granted an Educational license is to register the application with an email address belonging to a reknown educational institution. Both types of licenses are applied automatically. If you think you qualify for an Educational license and you have received a regular Trial license instead (maybe because your email address has not been recognised as an educational center), please contact us.
  • Project:
    • Optimised loading time for complex projects (or with many processes). In previous versions, loading such projects might take quite some time (or even could end with an error that would prevent loading it at all). This is because all processes need to be recalculated in the server prior to send them back to the client, so that the graphs could be shown correctly. With the changes in this version,  if a project is expected to be loaded in more than 1 minute, it is returned without being recalculated at all (thus, the graphs will not be available until it is calculated manually). Besides, and independently from the initial estimation, if during the load process the calculations take more than 1 minute, the server will return the project only recalculated up to that point (thus, the graphs for some of the processes might not be available either).
  • Geometry:
    • Optimization in tubeplate calculations: Previously any change in the geometry would yield a whole recalculation of the tubeplate, even if the changes did not affect at all that piece of the geometry (for instance, changes in the tube's lenght). Now, most recent tubeplate's calculations are cached in the server just in case any new calculation might need them. This way, repeating the calculation of a geometry in which not-affecting-the-tubeplate fields are changed is much faster, because the most time consuming operation is already precalculated. This enhancement is also noticeable in the Overall calculation of processes which require an iterative approach to reach the number of modules needed to fulfill the required area in the heat transfer calculation.
  • Overall Calculation:
    • Fix in the pressure drop calculation when there are support baffles, in non-heat-sensible processes and when Reynolds<100 in the shell. These cases, which they usually have a very low flow, are correctly calculated now..
  • And as usual... minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2021-06-28
Created: 2021-06-11
Last Modified: 2021-06-28