Release Notes


  • Geometry:
    • New feature! 3D Viewer for your custom heat exchanger modules. You can create vertical and horizontal sections of the module and see the inner tubes; you can also hide the inner tube bundle in order to see only the shell, connections, baffles and expansion bellows. The generated 3D model uses flat flanges EN-1092-1 Type 1 PN-16. These 3D models are only provided for informative/didactical purposes and must never be considered a contractual clause in any case.
      HRS K 19 129/18 1.0
  • Baffles:
    • Now it is possible to do FULL baffles heat transfer calculations (Bell-Delaware) for geometries where not all the tubes are being used (the tubeplate would allow more tubes to be used). In previous versions, when not all possible tubes were used, the calculation had to be performed in Standard heat transfer with SUPPORT baffles only mode if any baffles were to be used.
  • Overall calculation:
    • Minor fixes for cases of condensation with desuperheating, to avoid issues for some marginal cases.
  • And as usual... minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2023-01-18
Created: 2023-01-11
Last Modified: 2023-01-11