Release Notes

Version Build 2.0.6836.28598.

  • Global Calculation:
    • Deadlock situation: Under certain situations the application did not allow the user to finish the global calculation successfully. For certain projects, even though it was possible to successfully perform the heat balance and geometry (and/or baffles) calculations, when performing the global calculation the geometry was invalidated without any error nor apparent reason. The fact of invalidating the geometry moved the focus out of the global calculation page, hence entering in a loop that ultimately did not allowed the user to fulfill his calculations. This situation, ultimately caused by the ordering of project's properties in memory, has been fixed.
    • Pressure drop: An error in the pressure drop calculation for condensing cases has been fixed. Because of this error, the calculated modules pressure drop was abnormally high in the side where condensation was taking place (either shell or tubes).
  • License: The users are now allowed to update their license (even leaving it in an invalid state) in order to be able to request a license update when their actual "execution fingerprint" has gone through too many changes when compared to their initial "installation fingerprint" (due to hardware changes, for instance). Some changes in the fingerprint generation algorithm had been made in order to make it more robust and resilient to minor hardware changes.
  • Documentation: The documentation page has changed its location and now is
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2018-09-19
Created: 2020-01-07
Last Modified: 2020-11-17