Release Notes

Version Build 2.0.6627.24377.

  • Program startup:
    • The program startup has been optimised. Now the data sent and received during the startup can be up to 60 times less, which leads to bandwidth savings and higher load speed, mainly observable when slow connections are used.
  • Heat Balance:
    • Fluids have now new properties, Specific heat gas at constant pressure (Cp) and Dynamic viscosity gas, which are now shown both in fluids' properties data tables and in new fields added to the Heat Balance page. Some pages and components dimensions have been adjusted (width) so that these new fields have space enough. The Excel exportation includes these new properties too when the selected report is the physical properties report, the heat balance report or the full report.
    • Some warnings (and errors) are now not shown under certain conditions: extrapolating fluid data properties beyond known values does not raise a warning (or error) if these data are not used in the calculation. For instance, if the heat balance does not include condensation, no warnings (or errors) are shown when extrapolating values for the field Dynamic viscosity gas (or any values are defined). When the extrapolated (or unknown) data are necessary in order to fulfill the required calculation, the program still shows such warning (or error).
  • Help & Documentation: More new and updated content. In particular, the Baffles page has been completed.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2018-02-22
Created: 2020-01-07
Last Modified: 2020-05-11