Release Notes

Version Build 2.0.6565.15498.

  • Projects:
    • In previous versions, the new project that was shown right after the application has been opened was not being shared despite the user preferences. This flaw has been fixed. Now, whenever the application is run the shown project is being shared (or not) with the groups that the user has configured. The behaviour when creating a new project from the menu did not exhibit this flaw and its behaviour has not been changed by this update.
  • Geometry:
    • The calculation of values Volume / Module both for the Tubes side and the Shell side are now correctly calculated for Annular Space (AS) Heat Exchangers.
    • The side view (in Baffles section) for Annular Space heat exchangers now shows a correct cross section for this type of heat exchangers.
    • It is now possible to define the inlet and outlet nozzle sizes for the inner tube for Annular Space heat exchangers.
    • TubePlate Perimeter was calculated in m. but incorrectly shown as being calculated in mm. The Perimeter is now correctly and consistently calculated and shown in mm. or any other Unit System.
    • A new calculated value Housings Space is now shown for multipass heat exchangers with Mechanised headers and with O'Rings + Housings.
  • Excel Reports:
    • All Excel Reports have been rewritten and the fields now match their names and order within the application.
    • The suggested names now include the current process selected in the project.
    • Minor errors, units and format fixes had been applied in all reports.
  • Help & Documentation: More new and updated content. In particular, the Geometry page has been completed.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2017-12-22
Created: 2020-01-07
Last Modified: 2020-10-27