Release Notes

Version Build 2.0.6275.28498.

  • Creation/Edition of groups has been enhanced.
  • Trivial checks for non-null positive flow in Heat Balance are now done before the calculation of Duty.
  • Unexpected halt condition when saving a Project with unnamed Fluids is now fixed.
  • Incorrectly conversion of Specific heat values between SI and Metric is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed calculations in condensing conditions though the fluid did not have steam-behaviour checkbox enabled.
  • Enhanced and more flexible License retrieval for minor changes in hardware of client's computers. Those minor changes do not require a new License now.
  • Fixed some misleading error messages about Jl and Jb when dealing with Baffles. Those error conditions are now properly handled and explained.
  • Mechanised headers, with any number of passes, are now possible. The only conditions are that:
    • the number of tubes is a multiple of the number of passes, so that all passes have the same number of tubes, and
    • the outer diameter of the shell/header cannot exceed the maximum size of clamp connections in the market (219mm)
  • New type of 4-passes headers, with 3 horizontal division plates.
  • 'All' collection is now available when browsing through Projects, Geometries and Fluids.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented from refreshing the graphs in Projects with more than one Process.
  • Updated format and contents for Excel reports.
  • Better handling of Undo's and Redo's along the whole application.
  • Licence's administrators and HRS staff is now automatically notified of users new license requests and of near-expiry licenses of users already in the system.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2017-03-07
Created: 2019-12-23
Last Modified: 2020-05-11