Release Notes

Version Build 2.0.6183.26070.

  • A new option has been added so that multiple processes and configurations can now be done within a single project file. This will be useful for more complex projects that might need heating/holding/cooling subprocesses or several alternatives to be offered to customer. This can now be done in a single project. Processes can be added, renamed, reordered and deleted.
  • In Geometry page, some dropdowns now include a helping image to understand the meaning of each option in the list.
  • More warnings and error messages are added (along with their translations).
  • Additional check after calcuating multipass geometries: There must be at least one tube inside each pass. If any pass does not have at least one tube, the calculation finishes with an error.
  • Fields inside the Geometry page have been reordered so that they are more easily edited using only the keyboard.
  • New corporate HRS Heat Exchangers' logos are now used.
  • A wizard wand is now placed beside the description field of a project in order to automatically generate a default description for it using its internal process data.
  • Geometry multipass with 5 passes horizontal layout supported.
  • Annular Space calculations always end with a warning. Formulae' program for this heat exchanger option have not been thouroughly tested and the program simply warns about it.
  • Graphs page now properly shows the correct data in Nu-Re graphs when condensation is used in either tubes or the shell. Previously the data shown in Nu-Re graphs were always from latent heat correlations even though the process might be condensation.
  • Regime calculation (Laminar, Transition or Turbulent) now takes into consideration the type of process: For the condensation case, the regime-limit values are different than those for latent heat. These limit values are now taken into account and properly shown in the graphs.
  • LMTD correction factor calculation: Methods from several authors are implemented for multipass configurations. Serth's and Bhatti's methods is used for even number of tube-passes (in that order). For odd number of tube-passes (and when the previous two fail) the legacy HED method is used (recursive-iterative).
  • If LMTD correction factor is below 0.8 a warning is shown. If this value falls below 0.7 the calculation ends with an error.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Released: 2016-12-05
Created: 2019-12-23
Last Modified: 2020-05-11