Release Notes


  • Fluids and Mixes:
    • Fluids with a blank name (undefined) can now be exported to Excel. Previously, when the fluid was left without a name, exporting was not allowed.
  • Geometry and Baffles:
    • Tubeplate Thickness (Lts) parameter is now editable and its value is taken into account during the pressure drop calculation. This dependency is much noticed for short heat exchangers with thicker tubeplates. In previous versions, the thickness was considered as negligible related to the total volume/length of the heat exchanger. When this value is left at 0 and a calculation is requested, the server performs an auto-calculate for this value. In this case, the calculated value will be the thickness of a flat flange EN-1092-1 Type 1 PN-16 as required by the shell diameter.
    • When the length of the inlet or outlet nozzles is left undefined (value 0) for the shell and a geometry calculation is requested, the server now replies with an error. Despite this value is not needed immediately in this page, it will be necessary later on, in order to draw the side view layout of the heat exchanger in the baffles page.
    • Pairs of sealing strips (Nss): The usage of sealing strips is now restricted. They could only be used in heat exchangers calculated in "FULL baffles heat transfer calculation" mode with simple-segment baffles and when the number of tube rows between the baffles tips is larger than 10.
  • Overall Calculation:
    • LMTD & Adjusted LMTD values were wrongly converted and displayed in the interface when the unit system was set to British. It was only a conversion error in the interface. All internal program calculations, which are performed in the Metric system, even historic data, are unaffected by this bug (which only affected the final rendering of the result in the interface). This issue has now been fixed.
  • And as usual... minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2022-06-10
Created: 2022-06-08
Last Modified: 2022-06-08