Release Notes

Version Build 2.0.6862.26271.

  • Heat Balance:
    • Default Inlet Pressure for all fluids in new projects: 5 bar (for both Shell and Tubes).
    • New pre-condition for sensible heat calculations in tubes: the Inlet and Outlet Temperatures cannot be the same. This condition, enforced for condensation cases, could manually be entered (wrongfully) in a sensible heat case. This is now detected and the according error message is shown.
    • Bi-directional synchronisation among fluid's Inlet Temperature and Pressure in Condensation cases. In those cases where possible, the Pressure value is automatically calculated from the Temperature and vice-versa (depending on which one is being edited). When automatic calculation is no possible, they must be entered manually or an error will be shown.
  • Geometries:
    • A minimum length for geometries to be calculated is set to 100mm. This way, errors due to incorrect data input from the user are detected, mostly because of incorrect units of measurement (scale) being used.
    • Fix to a problem that appeared when a calculated Geometry was being saved as a new one (with Save as) and the status of the Baffles was lost. Even thought they would be calculated, they were saved in a 'Not calculated' state.
    • Small fix in the schematic representation (side view) of Annular Space (AS) heat exchangers.
  • Pressure Loss:
    • New warning and error conditions for Condensation cases: When the pressure loss is higher than 20% of the Inlet Pressure, a warning will be shown. If the pressure loss would be higher than the Inlet Pressure (resulting in a negative Outlet Pressure) that would raise an error. In sensible heat cases, there is no checking of the Outlet Pressure value being calculated (Inlet Pressure minus calculated Pressure Drop).
  • Vibrations Calculations: New warning message when it is not possible to calculate the Shell Acoustic Frequency.
  • Graphs: Nusselt-Reynolds graphs for the Shell side were not correct in cases with Full Baffles calculations. Even though in that case the Bell-Delaware method was used in order to calculate all the numeric values shown in the application, the graphs were those of values calculated without the Bell-Delaware method (as per without baffles or support baffles). This problem has been fixed.
  • Reduced data transferred to/from the server: The application has been optimised in order to reduce the size of the data sent to the server (and received from it). This improvement is mostly noticed in projects with a high number of processes. In earlier versions, in order to perform calculations, a full copy of the project was (needlessly) sent to the server and replied back to the client application. From now on, only the required Process is sent to the server, or even smaller entity objects when no others are needed to perform the calculation (i.e. Geometries or Heat Balances).
  • Security Fix: In earlier versions a user without rights to update a shared resource (i.e. belonging to a group in which he/she did not have update permissions), could create a new group in which he/she would have update access, and then share the desired resource in it, thus granting himself/herself some rights that initially did not have over that resource. This privilege escalation has been fixed enforcing that only the owner of a resource could be able to share it. As resources we are referring to Projects, Geometries and Fluids.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2018-10-15
Created: 2020-01-07
Last Modified: 2020-05-11