Release Notes

Version Build 2.0.6442.20872.

  • Geometry:
    • Automatically use all tubes available: When the number of tubes is left as 0 and a calculation launched, it is assumed that all avaiable tubes are to be used. When the calculations are finished, this field is updated with the value of maximum number of tubes.
    • Monotubes: When then number of tubes is set to 1, a more relaxed set of default clearances and spacings can be applied (if desired, these are not applied automatically). Counterwise, if this relaxed set of defaults are applied and the number of tubes is set to anything bigger than 1 the calculation will fail and enforce you to comply with clearances and spacings values for multitubes (applying the new defaults, for instance).
    • Anular Space Heat Exchangers: When that type of geometry was selected, the additional columns for the extra tube were not properly shown, making it impossible to work with these geometries. This issue has been fixed.
    • Tube dimensions and standards: The program now checks for some of the most common tube sizes and norms (DIN 11850, DIN 17457, ISO 1127, ASME-BPE, ANSI, ...) so that unknown tube sizes (outer diam. & thickness) could be detected. A warning is shown in the cases where either tubes or shell used are not within the internal list of usual sizes.
  • Baffles thickness: When left as 0, the thickness for baffles is calculated with a default value derived from the Table 5.2 Standard Values (Inches) for Baffle Thickness in Class R Heat Exchangers in the book Process Heat Transfer. Principles and Applications (Serth 2007, Page 207). This estimation is rather conservative as that table is intended for Class R heat exchangers (severe requirements of petroleum processing).
  • Dimensions for Nozzles: When outer diameter and thickness for nozzles are left as 0, default values are calculated based on the shell and tubes known values. In particular, the shell nozzle dimensions are calculated from the shell known values and the values from the Table 5.3 Guidelines for Sizing Nozzles from Serth 2007, Page 207.
  • Images in reports: Now the geometry reports in Excel include the images of the geometry: Tubeplate, with the tubes distribution and baffles. The tubeplate is also included now in the TEMA report.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2017-08-21
Created: 2020-01-03
Last Modified: 2020-10-27