Release Notes

Version Build 2.0.6407.16329.

  • During baffles calculations, CentralBaffleSpacing_Lbc now takes into account the cummulative thickness of all baffles.
  • Shell hydraulic diameter, when calculated with full baffles (not the support option), now is set to be equal to the external diameter of the tubes.
  • In the fluid velocity calculations, baffles are now taken into account, when they exist and only for the shell side calculations.
  • Reynolds calculation for sensible heat no longer uses a different formula when baffles are used, because they had already been taken into account in the velocity calculation (previous point). Instead of using the formula
    Re = Do·G/μ
    when baffles were used, the formula
    Re = ρ·V·L/μ
    is used in all cases.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.
Released: 2017-07-17
Created: 2020-01-02
Last Modified: 2020-10-27