Release Notes

Version Build 2.0.6144.22323.

  • New option in Geometry for roller-expanded tubes: When roller-expanded tubes are used, a different forced minimum tubepitch of 1.25 x Tubes outer diameter is used (instead of the regular 1.20 x).
  • User can now change temperatures and flows from within the Overall calculation page, provided that those changes do not raise an error in the Heat Balance page. If an error appears during this previous extra calculation, the focus is moved to that page.
  • Changes in Baffles page:
    • This page is always available now: New geometries do not use baffles by default but the user can see the side-view of the heat exchanger anyway.
    • New option for using support baffles, with relaxed restrictions, which are different from those used when full baffle calculations are required.
    • Leaving the number of baffles equal to 0 and requesting a calculation, automatically suggests the number of baffles to use, based on the type of baffles requested (either support or full mode).
    • New property Roughness for Tubes and Shell columns (which defaults to 0.8 μm), used for pressure drop calculation.
  • New button to create an empty fluid in Heat Balance page.
  • Concurrency improvements: When a user X saves an entity (either Project, Fluid or Geometry), the server now checks that it was not already changed by another user Y since it was last read by the first user X.
Released: 2016-10-27
Created: 2019-12-04
Last Modified: 2020-05-11