Fluid Database

AHED offers various options for physical properties:

Table Format

For all licenses

All physical properties are inserted in a table for various temperature points. This way of defining a fluid is useful for industries such as food and environmental where often fluids cannot be defined as a mixture of pure chemical components. Users can define properties for both the Liquid phase and Gas phase of their fluids.

Table data for Water (example)
Using this table users can easily see & edit their custom fluids. Just pairs of temperatures & physical property values are needed.


For all licenses

Quick-check graphs are displayed for every data entered in the tables, helping users to quickly pin-point any incorrect or missing values in the property table.

Graphs for Water (example)
For the given table data, graphs for each physical property are drawn.

AHED Chemical Compounds Database

For Gold and Platinum licenses only

This database contains 53 of the most used chemical compounds in industry. Users select the components with the right mass or molecular % and define the temperature range and inlet pressure.

Mixing Assistant for Air (example)
Using the mixing assistant, users can make their custom fluids for a given temperature range and pressure. Once the mixture is properly defined it can be calculated and a table is generated based on the input data and chemical compounds used.

Table Format for Mixtures

For Gold and Platinum licenses only

Once a Mixture is calculated (based on one or several compounds), the resulting data is shown in a table as any other regular Fluid. It will contain all available physical properties and will be ready to be used later in other places within the application.

Table data for a Mixture (example)
This table is the result of the mixture calculation process.