Can you help me with my thermal design?

Yes we can.

At AHED we offer a range of engineering services and helping out with thermal designs is one of them.

The correct thermal design of a shell and tube heat exchanger is a complex process. For any customer that struggles with the understanding of the key concepts of thermal design, AHED can provide the necessary consultancy/engineering services. We are referring to the following concepts:

  • The tube and shell side fluids and their physical properties: A heat exchanger design is only as good as the accuracy of the fluid's physical properties used in the design.
  • The fundamentals of heat transfer theory: Being familiar with concepts like Log Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD), Reynolds numbers, heat transfer coefficients, laminar vs. turbulent flow, wall fluid temperature, etc.
  • The right geometry needs to be chosen for obtaining the highest possible fluid turbulence and heat transfer within the given pressure drop constraints.
  • The special requirements for the heat exchanger design driven by the industry it is used in. For example, a heat exchanger used in the pharmaceutical industry will have different design and construction requirements than one in the oil & gas industry.
  • The process limits such as maximum allowable pressure drops for the working fluids.
  • The requirements for installation: maximum space availability.
  • The mechanical design issues that affect the heat exchanger design. High pressure designs, for instance, will require thicker tube walls for withstanding the pressure.
  • The knowledge of how some fluid types will require special materials for withstanding the negative effects of corrosion.

Many more items can be added to this list. Here are some more examples of cases where AHED consultancy can help you further:

  • You would like your heat exchanger design to be evaluated by an experienced AHED heat transfer engineer to see if it can be improved.
  • You work in an engineering firm and as part of your due diligence procedure you are evaluating the technical designs you received from a supplier. Is the heat exchanger design trustworthy? Have the heat transfer coefficient and pressure drops been calculated in the correct way?
  • You would like to receive formal AHED training.
  • You would like AHED engineers to do a heat exchanger design for you.
  • You would like to receive a mechanical design calculation for the heat exchanger you designed thermally in AHED to make sure that the wall thicknesses and other parameters you have chosen are correct.

AHED has been designed and developed by HRS Heat Exchangers. The AHED/HRS team have all the skills for the correct calculation (thermal and mechanical), design and manufacturing of shell and tube heat exchangers for a wide range of industries. These capabilities have been continually developed during 40 years of designing and manufacturing heat exchangers.

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